Ready, Set, Go!

Nothing made the launch of Evelyn Alex feel more real than our Spring 2015 photo shoot. When we conceived the idea over a year ago we could hardly imagine real girls actually wearing our clothes. But suddenly here they were in front of the camera looking fabulous and relaxed in the designs that were just sketches and fabric swatches a few months ago. It’s been an exciting race just to get to the starting line.


The verdict from our real girl models: “Cute! Comfy! Yeah, I would totally wear that!”  A big shout out to these girls who made the Evelyn Alex brand come alive with their positive energy and true, natural beauty. Besides making the clothes look great, they had a blast and let their unique personalities shine through in these photos. They showed us what Evelyn Alex is all about—confidence, fun and staying true to oneself. Our inspiration!


Big thanks are also due to the manufacturing team in New York City who worked tirelessly and make us proud to say Made in the USA. We have big hugs for Catherine Doyle at Dobbin for being our guardian angel from the very beginning. Our talented stylists Jen Roberti and Lyndsay Chaney were geniuses putting together so many fun and easy looks using our styles and a few basics from the girls’ own wardrobes to use in the photo shoot. Russ Williams and Brian Collins of Invisible Rocket were the brains behind our logo and website. Finally, we applaud Kyung Jung at Yellowhale Photography for her stunning photography. Check out her amazing video she created from the shoot. You were all brilliant, and we are so grateful.

BTS – Fashion Photo Shoot : Yellowhale Photography from kyung jung on Vimeo.

We hope you like EA Spring 2015 and will help spread the word about our launch. We invite you to Instagram your own Evelyn Alex look at #earealgirls so we can see you rocking it your very own way. Send us your thoughts, feedback and questions. We are here and excited to get to know you!

Photography & Videography by Kyung Jung of Yellowhale Photography

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